Sputnik Junior (Boost Pedal)

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** LIMITED RELEASE ** This hand-built pedal will be available in limited runs. Stay tuned to our Insta / Twitter / Facebook for availability. **

Sputnik Junior Boost Pedal

  • Germanium Booster Pedal
    Using super-creamy germanium AC125 transistors for tube-like volume boost.

  • Hand-Built
    From PCB design, to build, enclosure prep, assembly, quality control, and just about everything else - WE BUILT IT.

  • Small & Rugged
    Squeezes onto any pedalboard, built strong for gigging.

  • So Many Uses
    • boost volume in choruses and leads
    • push your amp to overdrive
    • add punch and clarity
    • flick between full vs bright tone modes

Ok we admit it, this pedal was kind of an accident.

We built some classic germanium fuzz circuits using one of our favourite transistors - the super creamy AC-125. After hand-selecting* NOS** AC-125 transistors we found that we had a nice little pile left over that just didn’t measure up right for fuzz. Luckily for us, they're dead right for boosters.

  • * These transistors vary immensely in their attributes due to the nature of the germanium. They are measured and selected purposefully.

    ** They have been in storage since their build in the 1970's.

From the engineer:

We chucked the transistors into a text-book common emitter circuit and wow… almost perfect. We really didn’t need to do too much - just a tiny toning down of the circuit’s gain and some selective filtering to focus the sound. That’s all it seemed to take to get the most out of that AC125.

It just seems to give the sound a big cuddle and make everything better. It takes your tone and makes it even more ‘your tone’. Somehow, the Sputnik pushes things just right - it’s super, super creamy. It’s right at home hitting the front end of a valve amp. If you turn the volume up the valve breaks up that little bit more.

Keep in mind...

  • Just like a classic fuzz circuit, this guy interacts with your guitars electronics, so place it right at the start of your pedal chain to get the most out of it.
  • Powered by a centre-negative 9v DC supply. For safety, please ensure correct power supply is used.