Space Junk (Overdrive)

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** LIMITED RELEASE ** This hand-built pedal will be available in limited runs. Stay tuned to our Insta / Twitter / Facebook for availability. **

Space-Junk Overdrive

The user manual for this guy should have just one instruction - play it loud!

The Space Junk circuit is very much inspired by the way the It Kills me to have to Overdrive Circuit sounds at high gain settings. Like The Smith Street Band overdrive, it combines a high impedance J-FET input buffer, so that your guitar sounds like your guitar on the way in, and a BJT output buffer to enhance the grit on the way out. We’ve also kept the responsive and crunchy asymmetrical LED clipping circuit and the trusty old 4558 op-amp.

Here’s where we changed things up; we’ve shifted the gain profile up - so you get a bunch more grit at lower gain settings. Turning the drive control all the way up pushes a lot more current through that clipping circuit - and that my friend means crunch. The wide-band gain filters have been focused to suit the higher gain of the Space Junk pedal - so the detail won’t disappear in the mix when your drummers wailing on the cymbals.

If you want things to pop just that bit more, the tone circuit has been tuned to let you really boost the top end without things getting nasty.

Make no mistake, this is a beast.