Soundbox Workshop 22/7 Fuzz

$227.00 On Sale


The 22/7 is a silicon-germanium mash-up dual channel fuzz. It’s based on a pre V9 muff topology with a few extra knobs and switches and a bunch of other little tweaks to the circuit for a pretty unique muff-type sound.

The 22/7 has two channels:

Channel I uses a slightly tweaked version of the traditional muff preamp - In terms of sound I can only describe it as an almost hi-fi version of itself

Channel II replaces the silicon front-end with a ‘Rangemaster’ inspired germanium preamp. It’s got a little more grit, a little more detail than the silicon channel.

I made the tone control circuit and the drive stage biasing really flexible, so you can set the pedal up for gut thumping palm mutes, sweaty sixties blues licks or dirty desert fuzz.


Drive I – sets the gain for channel I – traditional silicon topology

Drive II – Sets the gain for the ‘Rangemaster’ inspired germanium front end

Hi Shift – Shifts the frequency of the upper mids for a more or less scooped response

Lo Shift – Shifts the frequency of the lower mids for a more or less scooped response

Tone – More or less treble or bass, centred on the frequencies selected by the Hi Shift and Lo-Shift Controls

Body – Controls the amount of bottom end pushed through the drive circuit – great for fattening a weedy amp or focusing the fuzz for a more detailed response.

Attack! – Shifts the drive stage biasing for different flavoured dynamic response (this is one for the bassists)

Output – Sets the output level of the pedal

This pedal uses a standard ‘Boss’ style 9V centre negative power supply.