Smith Street Overdrive

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The Smith Street Overdrive was made in collaboration with The Smith Street Band, starting with a sound design session in the heart of western Melbourne's live music scene, the Reverence band room.

The pedal is based on the “It Kills Me to Have to Overdrive” pedal which was released as part of a pre-order for the band's album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me, with a few improvements and simplifications to the circuit.

The Smith Street Overdrive flaunts a classic op-amp circuit with a full-band gain profile - a nice blend between old and new tricks. The clipping circuit is not your standard silicon diode combo; instead, we've combined a smooth-but-dirty germanium diode with a crunchy open LED diode. The LED circuit had really nice graduated degradation at low gain setting - kinda like an old valve bass amp - and sweet aggressive full-range crunch at high gain settings.

The tone circuit is dead flat at twelve o’clock rather than a low-pass filter type or a mid-scooped tone control. This maintains that crunchy goodness we worked so hard to get out of the earlier stages of the circuit. Turn it to the right you get more treble, turn it to the left you get more bass. Simple.