Red Sun Music: Quadrafuzznia RS-3M Fuzz Pedal


This guy is one part booster, three parts fuzz. The 3M is dynamic, open and tube-rattlingly loud. It’s a celebration of the BC108 transistor giving everything it’s got!

Now for the architecture: When Glenn Snoddy invented the first ever fuzz circuit way back in the sixties he used a pretty simple formula: tone-shaping + too much gain + more too much gain = fuzz. This circuit inadvertently follows that formula. The result is detailed, loud and dirty. Great for pushing the front end of an old tube amp.

You know how when you walk down the street and you see some dude coming the other way wearing an old King Crimson T-Shirt, and he’s got his coffee in one hand and he’s munchin’ a cheese Danish and he’s smiling like he’s the luckiest man in the world? That’s just me thinkin’ about this circuit.