It Kills Me To Have To Overdrive

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The Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me (Deluxe LP) + Tee + Enamel Pins + Guitar Pedal

** NOTE ** This item was only available by pre-ordering The Smith Street Band's new album via Pool House Records.

** SOLD OUT! ** If you missed out, here's an alternative: Space Junk Overdrive. It's similar to SSB pedal, but a tad more aggressive.

All Pedals Hand-Painted by Stephen Baker
Each of the fifty pedals feature the hand-painted art of Stephen Baker, whose work also features on the album-cover.

Sound Design by The Smith Street Band
The ambitious brief was to build a pedal that could go from Will’s sweet, cuddly low-gain tone to Lee’s crunchy, cranky, creamy wide-band drive. The only way this was going to happen was to together with Lee, some guitars and some circuits to see if we could make it happen.

Fine-tuning for hours in the Rev band-room (with beer and tacos from Footscray’s finest) we found a sweet combination of transistors, resistors, opamps and caps that nailed the brief. It looked like a steam punk nightmare; a caricature of what a schematic should look like. My engineering hat told me that the circuit we came up with would never work.

My ears told me otherwise.

The “It Kills Me to Have to Overdrive” flaunts the classic overdrive topology. It combines a high impedance J-FET input buffer, so that your guitar sounds like ‘your guitar’ on the way in, and a BJT output buffer to enhance the grit on the way out. The guys selected a classic op-amp circuit with a full-band gain profile - a nice blend between old and new tricks.

The clipping circuit is not your standard silicon diode combo. Lee tossed up between a smooth dirty asymmetrical germanium diode combo and a crunchy open asymmetrical LED circuit. The LED circuit had really nice graduated degradation at low gain setting - kinda like an old valve bass amp - and sweet aggressive full-range crunch at high gain settings.

Things were sounding so nice at this point that it seemed deplorable to add any kind of shaping tone circuit. So we went for something dead flat at twelve o’clock rather than a low-pass filter type or a mid-scooped tone control. This maintains that crunchy goodness we worked so hard to get out of the earlier stages of the circuit. Turn it to the right you get more treble, turn it to the left you get more bass. Simple.

  • The Smith Street Band - More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me (Deluxe LP)*
  • Album Cover Tee (printed on a Gildan Cotton Tee)
  • Enamel Pin Set (includes 3 pins)
  • Headspace donation* + A4 screen-printed card
  • Limited Edition Smith Street Band Guitar pedal (only 50 available)

The Smith Street Band collaborated with Red Sun Music to produce the very limited edition 'It Kills Me To Have To Overdrive' guitar pedal. Each pedal features the hand painted artwork of Stephen Baker.

* Deluxe LP features:
- Gatefold packaging w/ deluxe 16 page booklet + download code.
- Vinyl Colour: Baby Blue inside Ultra Clear w/ Hot Pink and Mustard Splatter

** For every one of these bundles sold we will be donating $5 to Headspace. Headspace are a national youth mental health foundation who do very important work helping young people in Australia.

Pre-order includes an instant download of the tracks 'Death To The Lads' and 'Birthdays', available as a download link on the Thank You page after checkout.