Interplanetary Fuzz

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I bet you can’t play with this pedal without smiling.

There are so, so many takes on the same basic two-transistor fuzz circuit out there that I’ve lost count. Sure, it sounds great but is that all there is to fuzz???

We wanted to put out a new fuzz pedal and if I’m honest… this WAS going to be another one of those two transistor fuzzes. I was doing a bit of research to see what tweaks we might add to the basic architecture. I listened to hundreds of demos and shootouts - vintage pedals, modern pedals, modern takes on vintage pedals, even vintage takes on modern pedals (OK, that last one is a lie).

One particular circuit always stood out as very cool to my ears. Sure it was a little less angry than the others but it just sounded like it would be so much fun to play… It was the “Mk-III Tonebender”. Why are there not more of these out there?!?!

Our circuit is based on the Mark III’s three-transistor circuit. Of course, we’ve made quite a few changes to make this pedal even more fun! We converted the circuit to NPN silicon, a lot of silicon two-transistor fuzzes sound harsh, but this guy just got detailed and crispy in a very cool way!

This was fun! Not harsh and overly bright. Not dull and overly muddy, just a cool crispy full-range fuzz! We tweaked the main dirt section for a bit more headroom and even more crunch - so great for chunky riffs. The tone control is sitting around a classic 70’s mid range scoop. Turn the tone control right to really cut through the mix or turn it left for the kind of big bottom end you need when you’re in torn black jeans, playing monster riffs on a black Les Paul.